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Friday April 25th - 4:13am

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Friday April 25th - 4:05am

My grandmas dog is hardcore.

Friday April 25th - 3:00am

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Thursday April 24th - 10:28pm

Log on to Facebook, log off Facebook.

Log on to Facebook, log off Facebook.

2 notes tags: · no one has the right to hit anybody · but somewhere self control needs to come into play · also what if its self defence? she deserves to be hit back then? · men most the time are a lot stronger and should not abuse that fact

Thursday April 24th - 8:03pm

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Thursday April 24th - 3:00am

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Wednesday April 23rd - 10:38pm

I had so much money in my bank account until I took it all out and paid a bill for my brother. Now I only have $4. This makes me sad. 😭

Wednesday April 23rd - 9:00pm

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Wednesday April 23rd - 7:35pm


Poison Ivy ! Buy prints here :)

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Wednesday April 23rd - 3:00pm

"1. Do not hate them for it. They are on a journey too.
2. Understand that sometimes you will be a bandage caressing a temporary wound or you will be a pinnacle of permanency rooted deeply in their heart. Accept that you do this to people too.
3. Do not step on your feet trying to find a rhythm you are not meant to follow.
4. Do not let it harden you: continue to nurture, continue to love.
5. People use words as anchors to latch onto bits of you and when they leave remind yourself that the sea never bled itself dry because a ship left it.
6. Write the nastiest letter and burn it.
7. Yes, they may have illuminated pieces of you that you were unaware existed. But now you do and they are not the last person to remind you.
8. Dizzy yourself with everything you love, like dancing in the greenhouse to horrid pop songs or reading Haruki Murakami.
9. Set all that anger ablaze, you are wasting your time sifting through it.
10. Internalize the fact that you were still breathing before you met them.
11. Forgive them."
what to do when people leave. (via herscience)

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Wednesday April 23rd - 12:00pm

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Wednesday April 23rd - 10:05am


My dad gave our 2 month old English bulldog puppy a taste of strawberry Popsicle today. This is true happiness.

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Wednesday April 23rd - 9:17am

Last year I broke my bed and every time I moved the bed would make ridiculous amounts of sound but today we fixed it and I don’t think anyone understands how happy I am to have a silent bed. 

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Wednesday April 23rd - 8:53am



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Wednesday April 23rd - 6:34am


public school is so weird tho because you have this institution with all these potentially brilliant minds who will go on to do great things for humanity 

and then you look down at your textbook and its like


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